Active enzymes in Manuka honey aids digestion

Honey bees by Don Hankins, used under CC BY

Bees and honey comb

For a long time since manuka honey was discovered, human (or rather beginning with the native tribes of New Zealand) have been consuming the special honey all for health benefits. Modern researches have shown that the manuka honey does indeed contain special enzymes that are healthy for the digestive gut.

Medicinal benefits of manuka

Manuka honey is used regularly for digestive benefits, to boost immunity, and for specific healing benefits such as alleviating wound and diseases. The next time the flu season comes by, head for the jar of manuka honey. For treatment, consumers prefer the medicinal-grade manuka which are those with a high UMF and MGO rating. They are typically UMF 20+ / MGO 829+ and above. There are plenty of reviews and testimonials from consumers who have consumed manuka honey for health benefits.

Who uses manuka honey

What makes manuka honey special over other honeys?

Manuka honey is unique because its naturally-occurring enzymes are more heat-tolerant than regular honey. Therefore, at our normal body temperature, the enzymes remain active when taken internally. The enzymes in manuka honey continue to work effectively in our body against the H-Pylori (Helicobacter pylori) bacteria that attack our stomach lining and cause digestive problems. For this reason alone, manuka honey is a good health supplement for those with weak stomach or digestion problem.

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