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Trader Joe’s New Zealand Manuka Honey 10+ (8.8 oz) 250 g

$20.80 (as of May 23, 2019, 4:36 am)

Pure manuka honey from New Zealand

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Trader Joe’s 10+ Manuka Honey is a pure manuka honey from New Zealand.

Country of origin: New Zealand

Honey label: When we first introduced our Trader Joe’s Manuka Honey, we were told by the producer that using the registered UMF mark and a UMF 10 rating was appropriate and our label reflected that. We subsequently learned of requirements from the association managing the mark (an outside third-party certification source) that did not fit our business and we therefore have since removed the UMF mark from our labeling. The primary reason is that bearing the mark would stand to increase the cost of the product. However, please note that neither the source nor the quality of the honey has changed.

Historically, honey has been used as food and for medicinal purposes. Manuka honey has been traditionally consumed for health benefits, thanks to the organic compound known as Methylglyoxal that exists naturally in manuka honey.


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