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Happy Valley Premium New Zealand Manuka Honey (35 oz) 1kg

The perfect honey to have as a spread on breads. With complex, intense, chewy texture, rich in toffee, caramel and coconut flavor. Leaves a nice woody, nutty notes on taste buds.

Sourced from the native forests of New Zealand, Happy Valley Manuka Honey is an all-natural honey with a rich dark amber color that comes with an intense and chewy rich toffee and caramel flavor. Kids will love its almost-chewy texture for sure. Happy Valley Manuka Honey leaves behind a nice woody and nutty note on the taste buds.

Unique Texture and Flavor

The honey’s intense blend of flavors is simply delightful, that of caramel, coconut, oak and toffee. It has a creamy, consistent texture at room temperature, and does not leave any messy drips, unlike wet conventional liquid honey, making the manuka honey the perfect choice of honey to spread on breads.

For its intense refined flavor, this manuka honey is ideal for these occasions :

  • Use it as a spread on nutty breads. No worries of dripping.
  • Use it as an ingredient in salad dressing. Adds aroma and sweetness to salads.
  • Drizzle the honey as a topping for desserts. It acts as a natural color topping for cakes and pastries.
  • Make yourself a cup of natural sweet manuka drink when you need a quick energy boost.
  • Have a little spoonful to satisfy your sweet craving anytime.
  • To soothe your itching throat.


New Zealand manuka honey is nature’s power bank containing natural antioxidants, multiple vitamins, minerals. Consuming manuka honey regularly helps to support our body’s nutritional needs and a healthy digestive system. Manuka honey is suitable as a natural therapy to soothe cough, sore throat and indigestion.

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