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New Zealand Honey Co. Raw Manuka UMF 24+ MGO 1122+ (17.6oz) 500g

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Contains high level of active ingredient for protecting, restoring body wellness, boosting immunity.

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New Zealand Honey Co. UMF 24+ MGO 1122+ Manuka Honey has high level of active ingredient Methylglyoxal which provides healing healing benefits and aids the restoration of body natural wellness when consumed regularly.

Manuka Benefits

The ingredient Methylglyoxal is antimicrobial and gives Manuka its unique healing power. Regular consumption of high UMF / MGO Manuka honey helps to protect body, promote wellness and boost immunity.

For thousands of years, honey has been used to treat a range of ailments, and the healing properties of the Manuka plant have long been valued and used traditionally by the New Zealand Maori people.

About this Product

  • Authentic and genuine Manuka honey from New Zealand
  • Premium mono-floral Raw Manuka Honey is harvested from the wild landscapes of New Zealand and known for its powerful and active properties.
  • New Zealand Honey Co. has an international reputation for providing the finest natural Manuka Honey since 2006.
  • Supercharge Your Food – Boost your everyday food with our Manuka honey or just take a spoonful a day. Our UMF 24+ is a perfect partner to many foods; wellness shakes and drinks, muesli, marinades. It is also great for natural skincare.
  • 100% New Zealand Made – harvested, packed and tested in New Zealand, all batches are independently tested, meaning you can be completely sure what you receive is 100% genuine, as stated on the jar
  • UMF Certified – this means that this honey is 100% authentic, meets strict grading criteria and what is stated on the label is guaranteed at a minimum. Testing certificates are available for every jar.
  • Sustainable Source – Manuka is sourced naturally, and is a natural living food that still contains all the natural pollens and enzymes as the original sweet liquid produced by the bees. Our jars are PETE recyclable and BPA free.

UMF / MGO Conversion

MGO 1122+ is equivalent to UMF 24+ Manuka honey. Please refer to the MGO-to-UMF conversion chart:
MGO-to-UMF Conversion

Daily Consumption

Manuka honey can be a great immunity booster to fend off the change of seasons when ills and chills are prevalent. Manuka honey is also a soothing remedy for those battling uncontrollable night-time coughs.

Mixing Manuka with Liquids

Enjoy manuka honey straight from the spoon (use non-metal) or with a warm tea (water not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit).
For more details about mixing manuka honey with hot water, tea and coffee, refer to this article: Heat-sensitive enzymes in manuka

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