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NZ Country Pure East Cape Manuka Oil (10ml)

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100% pure natural Manuka oil, superior anti-microbial properties. Soothes skin irritation, acne, itch, infections.

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Your skin is the most important organ. Use natural Manuka essential oil to gently calm and soothe any skin irritations, acne, itch, infections, rashes, etc. Being oil of natural origin, there is no chemical in this bottle of 100% Pure East Cape Manuka Oil by NZ Country.


Natural New Zealand East Cape Manuka Oil is extracted by steam distillation with pure spring water without additives of any kind. It comes with a convenient dropper that makes spot application easy, reduces contamination and wastage.

The East Cape Manuka oil has an outstanding Triketone content which is unique to the Manuka trees in East Cape of New Zealand where this oil is harvested and distilled.

Triketones is the main active ingredient that gives the Manuka oil its unique anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Besides massaging Manuka oil on your skin, you can also add the Manuka oil into your hair and body shampoos. This would help to alleviate itchy dry scalp and body.


Manuka oil is 100% natural botanical product used by the native people of New Zealand for centuries.

It is ideal for anti-bacterial applications:

  • Aids skin to heal from fungal infections
  • Athletes foot (reduces smelly feet)
  • Restore dry nails or ugly discolored nails
  • Moisturizes fingernails and toenails
  • Soothes skin rashes, tinea, ringworm infections
  • Promotes healing of blisters, boils, cuts


10ml/0.34 oz 100% pure Manuka oil from East Cape region of New Zealand


For external use only.

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